France, UK may arm Syrian rebels ‘without EU support,’ despite embargo

a00fsyria rebels France, UK may arm Syrian rebels without EU support, despite embargo

“We along with the British will ask for the meeting to bemoved up,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said, addingthat “Lifting the embargo is the only means of moving things ona political level.”Fabius also warned that France and Britain are ready to armSyrian rebels without unanimous EU support.The two countries have repeatedly pushed for an end to the ban:In December, British Prime Minister David Cameron urged an earlyreview and possible lifting of the arms embargo, in order togreenlight the delivery of equipment and supplies to the Syrianopposition.The EU imposed the arms embargo, and other sanctions, againstSyria in May 2011, following two months of conflict in the country.Since then, the union has held several meetings to discuss thepossible repeal of the ban, but the embargo has remained inplace.Russia has spoken sharply against supplying arms supply to therebels. Any plans to arm the Syrian rebels would violate international law, Russian Foreign MinisterSergey Lavrov said on Wednesday as he met with British ForeignMinister William Hague.“As for the possibility of arming the opposition, as far as Iunderstand, it is not allowed by international law, that’s whyarming of the opposition directly or indirectly will be theviolation of the international law,” Lavrov said.The Russian Foreign Ministry is also opposed to the Syrianrebels’ membership in the Arab League, as this would legalize thesupplying of arms to the opposition, including terrorists frommilitant group Jabhat al-Nusra.Last week, the league issued a statement offering a seatto Syrian rebels, and that Arab states are free to offer themmilitary support.

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France, UK may arm Syrian rebels ‘without EU support,’ despite embargo

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