Gardening tips for small business job creation

We’ve heard it all year long, and in every presidential debate: small businesses deserve special handling from the government because small businesses create all the jobs. Even in a debate ostensibly devoted to foreign policy, Romney and Obama were at it again, tussling over who loved small business more.Funny thing about small businesses. Not only are they responsible for creating lots and lots of jobs, but they’re also responsible for the loss of lots and lots of jobs.That insight comes to courtesy of Inc. Magazine’s Bo Burlingham, in the intriguing article “Who Really Creates The Jobs?” Burlingham’s investigation should be required reading for every pundit who wants to wax eloquent about the government role in spurring small business job creation, because it makes a convincing case that both Republicans and Democrats are going about things all wrong — at least at the federal level.”If you were to group together the vast majority of small companies,” writes Burlingham, “their net job generation would add up to zero.”Continue Reading…

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Gardening tips for small business job creation

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