Gaza blackout: Press ban breeds mistrust between Israelis, Palestinians

RT’s Paula Slier spoke with some of her colleagues, who talkedabout how they have tried to tell the stories of Palestinians andIsraelis across the frontlines of the conflict. These journalistshave also had first-hand experience with just how difficult a taskthis can be for reporters.Sami Al-Ajrami is a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, who used towork in the Israeli media before the ruling Hamas party banned suchemployment. He cannot understand the ban, he said, which has closedoff yet another way of delivering the Palestinian message toIsrael.“Israel is using the media in its war against us,”Al-Ajrami told RT. “In this war journalists are under attack.They want to kill all our words and reports that prove that therewere war crimes in Gaza.” Ohad Hemo is an Israeli who used to work in Gaza until six yearsago, when Israel banned all its journalists from working in theregion over security issues. He believes that the Hamas ban hurtsfuture prospects for reconciliation.“I think that the problem of Hamas is normalization, andconnecting, trying, working with the Israeli media,” Hemoexplained.Now, only party-sanctioned journalists can report from Hamasterritory, resulting in a virtual media blackout. The lack of realinformation perpetuates stereotypes on both sides of the divide,which has done nothing but breed hatred and distrust, Slierreported.

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Gaza blackout: Press ban breeds mistrust between Israelis, Palestinians

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