George Heymont: The Hardest Part Is Letting Go

Whether someone severs a relationship, moves to another city, or dies, the hardest part of dealing with the breakup is often letting go. It’s one thing to admit to yourself that the person was never really yours to love (or, if you’re Celine Dion, believing that the memory of your love will live on and on and on). What quickly vanishes is the day-to-day camaraderie, the teasing, the give and take in your relationship. Even the anger and bitterness start to fade.

If you’ve got a fertile imagination, friends who have moved on to another plane may visit you in your dreams. Those who are still alive (but no longer play an active role in your life) may occasionally phone or send you an email as a way of touching base.

The bottom line is that most of us lead busy lives. When someone disappears from our daily routine, their place is eventually filled with another person’s laughter, tenderness, and need for attention.

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George Heymont: The Hardest Part Is Letting Go

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