George Will and Mary Matalin attack Paul Krugman on “This Week”

The clubby tone of the Sunday show roundtable was upended on “This Week” this morning when conservatives George Will and Mary Matalin made unusually personal attacks on New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.Matalin suggested Krugman was more of a polemicist than an economist. And Will charged him with being unwilling to accept competing arguments.Krugman asserted that Republicans have put nothing on the table to back up their talk about revenue, tax reform and entitlement cuts, calling their negotiating posture nothing but “big talk.””So how is the president supposed to negotiate with people who say, “Here’s my demands. By the way, I can’t give you any specifics. Just make me happy,” Krugman asked.Matalin called Krugman “completely mendacious” and insisted that “Republicans have offered in theory and in specificity, for instance, to raise revenues, capping various deductions, not eliminating, but capping them, which the CBO says would raise $1.7 trillion over 10 years. They’ve been very specific.”Continue Reading…


George Will and Mary Matalin attack Paul Krugman on “This Week”

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