“Girls”: Zosia Mamet swears she’s nothing like Shoshanna

Actress Zosia Mamet wants you to know that she is not like Shoshanna, her sheltered, awkward, ditzy, yet oddly endearing character on HBO’s “Girls.” In a recent New York Times Magazine profile, writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner writes, “her fans really believe she’s that girl, drifting through her confused and crazy 20s just the way they are. But she’s not that girl.”Except that the way she comes off in her profile might make you think that she, like, totally is that girl.Mamet, like all of the central actresses in the show, is a product of the cultural elite: She is the daughter of famed playwright David Mamet and actress Lindsay Crouse. And, by starring in a show about privileged 20-somethings that’s created by a privileged 20-something, it makes sense that Mamet might feel the need to draw a line that separates her from the cozy, sheltered world of “Girls” and her actual life. In a four-page profile, Brodesser-Akner attempts to draw that line by saying that Mamet, a loner, does not enjoy much of the publicity that being a celebrity brings:Continue Reading…

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“Girls”: Zosia Mamet swears she’s nothing like Shoshanna

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