Give truthers a chance?

THE FIRST MODERN “truther” movement concerned the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Researchers—some credible, others not—noted the many discrepancies in the Warren Commission’s official version of the events, particularly the so-called “Magic Bullet” theory—a perfectly viable explanation for what happened, other than the pesky fact that it was physically impossible.In the decades that followed, countless alternative theories emerged on what actually took place on that November day in Dallas. Oswald acted alone, Oswald was in cahoots with others, Oswald was a patsy. It was the Mafia, it was the CIA, it was Fidel Castro, it was the shadowy men behind the Federal Reserve Bank. There was a second shooter in the grassy knoll: a Corsican hit man, a Communist agitator, three vagrants, one of the shapeshifting reptiles from the center of the earth. However bizarre these speculations may be, they are all based on an undeniable fact: that without violating the laws of physics, a single bullet could not have both killed JFK and wounded John Connally. It is just as likely that the president was killed by a shapeshifting reptile than a magic bullet; both are palpably untrue.Continue Reading…

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Give truthers a chance?

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