Going off meds to write my book

70d4mf Going off meds to write my book

I’ve decided to go off my meds. If you knew me, you’d probably say I was crazy for even contemplating such a move — crazy as in: “Holy crap! She’s-off-her-meds” crazy. My friends think so, and so does most of my family. Because it took seven years to stabilize my last “episode” of bipolar disorder — the increasingly severe cycling that started when I hit 39 and my hormones began to fluctuate — a normal phenomenon for women that age but one my bipolar brain could not tolerate. But very little is known about the effects of hormones on bipolar disorder so what followed were seven horrific years of deep depressions and horrible irritable, anxiety-ridden manias (I never got the giddy, top-of-the-world kind you see in the movies).

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Going off meds to write my book

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