GOP: The clowns are in charge

Alex Pareene had a very nice piece this week about the responsibility Northeast Republicans such as Chris Christie have for the very Republican craziness that prevented Sandy relief from passing the House of Representatives in the final days of the 112th Congress. He’s right, but there’s a group that’s even more responsible: sane conservatives.That’s the lesson of the fiscal cliff end game – and of the pathetic “revolt” against John Boehner. In fact, it’s a reminder that the key hostage game in Washington isn’t that Republicans are threatening the nation’s economy over the debt limit. It’s that mainstream conservatives have allowed themselves to be taken hostage by fools and clowns.The obvious truth about the Republican Party right now is that the tail is wagging the dog. The party’s dynamic, repeated again and again, is that everyone is afraid of being a called a RINO –  a Republican in name only — and everyone accepts the ability of a few goofballs and a bunch of media hucksters to define what “real conservative” means.Continue Reading…

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GOP: The clowns are in charge

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