GOP’s inane war on California

2a57mf GOP’s inane war on California

As a columnist, I receive email everyday from readers across this great country. Not surprisingly, some of these letters are angry missives frothing with apocalyptic rhetoric and dire warnings. Of late, no matter the controversy of the day nor what specific issue I happen to be writing about, these particular screeds (often in response to liberal successes) have been repeating a singular message: liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, hippies and other alleged undesirables are trying to “turn America into California.”No doubt, you’ve probably caught this or a similar phrase in your web surfing, your email box and your casual discussions. It is the conversation-ender du jour. Don’t like the election results and the policies that follow? Deride them as proof America is “becoming California.” Don’t like a bill moving through your legislature? Cite it as more evidence your state is “turning into California.” Don’t like what Congress is doing on any given day? Write a screed bewailing America “turning into California.”Continue Reading…

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GOP’s inane war on California

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