Greek convict takes six hostages in his 3rd prison-break attempt

03fbgreece prison escape hostages Greek convict takes six hostages in his 3rd prison break attempt

The criminal, identified as Alket Rizaj, has reportedly takenfour guards and two other inmates hostage. According to local newsreports he is armed with two hand grenades and knives. Some reports suggest he is under the influence of drugs.The Associated Press reports they obtained a photo captured byone of the prisoners that shows the convict, identified as AlketRizaj, standing beside six handcuffed hostages holding what appearsto be a hand grenade. As the standoff continues authorities have deployed additionalpolice at the scene and summoned the convict’s lawyer fornegotiations. The General Secretary of the Ministry of JusticeMarinos Skandamis has also arrived at the scene to monitordevelopments.According to authorities the incident began at around 9pmlocal time after the lights went off in parts of theprison. The 36-year-old Alket Rizai, was convicted of murder in 2003and sentenced to life in prison. He is well known for two successful escape attempts fromKorydallos maximum security prison in Athens.In 2006, two accomplices landed a hijacked helicopter on theroof of Korydallos prison picking up two convicts – Alket Rizai andVassilis Paleokostas, who was sentenced to a 25-year sentence forkidnapping and bank robbery. They flew to a nearby cemetery andescaped on motorcycles. Both fugitives were captured a few monthslater.The second escape happened using the same tactics in 2009 duringthe trial over the first escape. Rizai and Paleokostas climbed arope ladder thrown to them by a passenger in the helicopter as itwas flying over the prison courtyard. The men were transferred backto Korydallos just one day before the attempt. While Rizai was recaptured in November 2009, Paleokostas remainsat large.In 2011, Rizai virtually announced his third prison breakattempt, saying in an interview with an Albanian newspaper thatGreece is taking away his “best years” and that he would rather diethan stop trying to escape.

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Greek convict takes six hostages in his 3rd prison-break attempt

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