Gun Control Laws Fail To Keep Mentally Ill Away From Guns

People with histories of mental illness and a proclivity toward violence are not supposed to be able to purchase firearms in the United States. But in practice, say experts, a patchwork of state and federal laws only apply to people who have been institutionalized or deemed by authorities to be dangerous. Federal law mandates background checks meant to keep convicted felons and people with mental illnesses from legally acquiring guns, but the rules only apply to people who buy weapons at licensed dealers — meaning that people, including those with mental illnesses, can buy what they please at gun shows or from other individuals. At the state level, standards vary and are bedeviled by poor tracking and a lack of coordination with federal authorities, making enforcement spotty.In short, no effective system exists that can prevent those with mental illness from getting hold of deadly firearms or reliably predict who may act out in violence.Read More…
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Gun Control Laws Fail To Keep Mentally Ill Away From Guns

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