Hair Color Tips To Cover Grey Hair In 3 Minutes (PHOTOS)

I’ve always envied my friends who have unexpectedly sprouted grey hairs from their roots. I think it adds a hint of color, albeit shocking, along the hairline. But as someone whose jet black curls has remained the same dark shade since birth, my admiration may be a bit hard for my girls that are going grey to receive. Nonetheless, I hear their cries of frustration, as well as the thousands of other women who want to cover up the grey — and cover it up fast. Here is your 3-minute guide to getting it done like a pro. Minute 1: Read the hair color box instructions thoroughlyAt-home hair color products take up at least an entire aisle at my neighborhood drugstore, however, one can easily become overwhelmed with all the options. Before you pull on your disposable colorist gloves, take this time to carefully read the instructions. No speed reading! Understanding the brand’s step-by-step technique to concealing grey hairs will make for beautiful results.Read More…
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Hair Color Tips To Cover Grey Hair In 3 Minutes (PHOTOS)

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