“Homeland” conspiracy theories

The morning after the morning after Sunday’s ludicrous “Homeland,” New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum revealed a theory that explains many of the more jarring elements of the episode: Brody and Abu Nazir are duping Carrie in the service of some as-yet-unnamed larger scheme. If this doesn’t make sense of everything that happened (see episodes 2, 4 through 10, and 12 it would explain how terrible Damien Lewis and his tiny mouth were, why Nazir would let Carrie go, what Brody and Nazir talked about that was hidden from us two episodes earlier, and where the show is going in the season’s remaining two episodes. Of course, this could all be hocus-pocus, but I am in the groping-around-in-the-dark, willing-to-grab-onto-anything-that-provides-support, even-ephemeral-grand-conspiracy-theories stage of coping with that last episode.Continue Reading…

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“Homeland” conspiracy theories

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