“Homeland” Recap: What a mess

I am going to start this recap calmly and in my indoor voice. Neither are going to last long. But while they do, I want to say that “Homeland” has never been the most realistic show. Or a realistic show at all. It’s about an unhinged, bipolar, genius CIA analyst in crazy and true love with a tortured, terrorist Marine who, by some freak of vetting, was allowed to become a Congressman and a Vice Presidential candidate.“Homeland” exists in a relatively “real” geopolitical universe, but it has deployed teen hit-and-run accidents, consequence-free murders in the woods, cabin sex, car sex, motel sex, and amnesia— the cherry on top of any soap opera— as plot devices. Some viewers find these creative liberties/absurdities off-putting: I have not been one of them. “Homeland” is so entertaining, Carrie Mathison is so vibrant and broken, Claire Danes is so next-level great, I would forgive the show anything. Or so I thought, until I watched the most recent episode.Continue Reading…


“Homeland” Recap: What a mess

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