“Homeland’s” best shark-jumping moments

“Homeland” returns tonight with the penultimate installment of its second season, having just delivered the most controversial and outrageous episode of its existence. “Homeland” has previously done a lot of crazy things, but last week’s storyline, in which Abu Nazir kidnapped Carrie and then let her go after Brody promised to kill the Vice President but before Brody had actually done so, seemed to many — me included! — like a very long, tipsy walk into implausibility town. But a week later, there is one “Homeland” pattern that permits me to believe it will be back on the side of good television this week: “Homeland’s” habit of repeatedly jumping back and forth over the shark.Doing crazy things and then pulling back on them — writing as if they don’t matter, tamping them down so they’re irrelevant, silo-ing them off from the main plot — is a standard “Homeland” tactic. “Homeland” regularly does something bananas to give the audience a thrill and then, weeks later when you re-examine the moment, you find that it has had little to no effect on the thrust of the show’s major storylines and relationships. “Homeland” jumps the shark one episode, but then swiftly steps back to the other side in time for the next.Continue Reading…


“Homeland’s” best shark-jumping moments

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