How not to “evolve” on immigration

As the Republican Party licks its wounds from last month’s election and decides where to go from here, moderating on immigration has emerged as the top priority. The goal is to appeal to Hispanic voters, but if the move is a purely political ploy instead of earnest shift in thinking, then Republicans risk turning of the very group they are trying o appeal to. So they have to convince Hispanics that they’ve seen the light are a ready to change.This, however, won’t help. At a conference of senior aides from both campaigns organized by the Harvard University Institute of Politics, Mitt Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades tried to execute the shift, but gave away the game in the process. He said he regrets letting Romney move so far to the right on immigration, not because it was bad policy, but because it ended up being a tactical mistake. Jeff Zeleny reports:Continue Reading…

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How not to “evolve” on immigration

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