How’s That Government Working Out for Somalia?

efd2somaliasecurity How’s That Government Working Out for Somalia?

Last year, Somalia came under the rule of the
first internationally-recognized government in twenty years. Now
jailing women who accuse its security forces of rape. Via

the AP:A Mogadishu court on Tuesday handed down one-year
prison sentences to a woman who said she was raped by security
forces and a reporter who interviewed her. The judges decided the
woman falsely claimed she was raped and had insulted the
government…Rights groups have decried the case as politically motivated
because the woman had accused security forces of the assault. Rape
is reported to be rampant in Mogadishu, where tens of thousands of
people who fled last year’s famine live in poorly protected camps.
Government troops are often blamed.The woman’s sentence will apparently be delayed by a year, to
let the woman care for her young child. Where would she be if not
for government?More Reason on Somalia

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How’s That Government Working Out for Somalia?

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