HPV: Facts And Fictions

Confused about genital human papillomavirus? The condition, known as HPV, is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S., causing six million new infections in sexually-active adults each year. While most cases of HPV clear up on their own, some strains lead to genital warts or to cancer of the cervix, anus and penis — among others. Cervical cancer is the most common HPV-associated cancer, causing an estimated 500,000 new cases and 275,000 deaths each year.Although it is the most common STI and one that can, in rare instances, have dire consequences, there are many ways to reduce your individual risk for both the virus and the associated conditions it causes. Two vaccinations protect against four of the most high-risk strains, for example. And condom use and regular screening can further prevent infection. Read More…
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HPV: Facts And Fictions

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