Hundreds violently protest rape of seven-year old girl in India (VIDEO)

The rally took place outside the Delhi hospital where the victimwas admitted.Around 500 people gathered to protest the rape, which occurred onthe campus of the girl’s government-run school on Thursday, NDTVreported. Demonstrators alleged that police were not activelypursuing the case or arresting the suspected culprit.Many of the protesters threw stones at vehicles and broke policebarricades. At least three government-run buses, police vans, andprivate vehicles were damaged in the incident.As the demonstration spread, the gates of the hospital were closed.Large numbers of police were deployed to the area.Despite allegations from angry protesters, North Delhi MunicipalCorporation (NDMC) promises it is doing all it can to find thesuspect.”We are looking into the matter and gathering more details. Theinformation is sketchy at this point but if someone from the schoolis found guilty, we will take immediate action,” MahendraNagpal, Leader of the House in NDMC, told PTI news agency.The victim was taken to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital soon after thecrime was reported, where a medical examination confirmed that shehad been raped. The girl was later discharged.The seven-year-old could not identify the suspect. Two maleteachers and a school guard have been questioned, according tolocal officers.But the local government’s efforts aren’t good enough for thosewho demand a long-term solution to India’s growing rapeproblem.National Commission for Women Chairperson Mamta Sharma saysincidents like these are on the rise, and insists that lawmakersmust implement strict punishment for offenders.”This is a case of rape of a seven-year-old girl. I believethat tough action should be initiated…I will send the matter forenquiry in two to three days,” Sharma said.The protests came as India’s parliament held a debate over therape and murder of three young sisters in the state of Maharashtralast month. No one has yet been arrested, prompting opposition MPsto criticize the slow investigation.A wave of nationwide protests was sparked by the brutal rape ofa 23-year-old girl in December, who was attacked in a public bus insouth Delhi.  Government statistics indicate that a woman is raped every 20minutes in India, although the country’s conviction of rapists isone of the lowest in the world.

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Hundreds violently protest rape of seven-year old girl in India (VIDEO)

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