Hungary sends tanks to rescue thousands of people from snow trap

808bsnow europe hungary tanks Hungary sends tanks to rescue thousands of people from snow trap

The heavy dump has trapped people in cars, buses and trains asdozens of major roads across the country were blocked by thesnowfall.Tanks and other military vehicles with caterpillar tracks havebeen dispatched to rescue motorists as trucks jackknifed causinghuge traffic jams on the main motorway that links Budapest andVienna.”The situation is most critical on the M1 motorway wherehundreds of cars are stranded in the snow, most of them for 18-20hours now,” Reuters cites Marton Hajdu, spokesman for the NationalDirectorate for Disaster Management.Thousands of people have been forced to spend the night in theircars or roadside buildings after a snowstorm paralyzed traffic onthe major Hungarian highway.A Reuters photographer travelling with a rescue convoy said highwinds had caused snowdrifts on the motorway up to a meter (3 feet)high.Those who happened to be waiting out the snowstorm at home wereleft shivering as the electricity and heating went off. In total upto 100,000 of Hungarians have been suffering from cold in theirapartments.The weather conditions also forced the government and severalopposition parties to cancel outdoor festivities and events plannedfor Friday’s national holiday commemorating Hungary’s 1848revolution against the Habsburgs.Neighboring Slovakia along with Bulgaria and parts of Serbia andBosnia have also been facing foul weather.In eastern Slovakia, some 40 trucks were trapped in snow on ahighway in the High Tatras region. The army ordered the deploymentof hundreds of soldiers to help out. Local authorities are warningcitizens not to use cars. To avoid traffic jams in Poland authorities banned heavy trucksfrom entering the city of Rzeszow, fearing they could get stuck andgridlock roads.In Bulgaria, a woman was killed when scaffolding collapsed in highwinds in the central town of Gabrovo. In the southern town ofKrichim a school was evacuated when wind tore off the roof.Snow has caused travel chaos in other parts of Europe too,leaving scores of passengers stranded at airports, railwaystations, and at sea.Frankfurt Airport – Europe’s third busiest- has cancelled anddelayed up to 100 flights of a scheduled 1,200 after the city sawabout 12cm of snow.Travellers going to France have also faced inconvenience with aquarter of flights out of Paris cancelled by the city’s two mainairports – Charles de Gaulle and Orly.Some 80,000 homes in the north and northwest of France werewithout power, following snowfalls of up to 60cm.The unseasonable snowfall comes little more than a week beforespring officially starts in Europe.

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Hungary sends tanks to rescue thousands of people from snow trap

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