Hunter Moore: I lied!

It turns out the whole reason I called Hunter Moore in the first place was because of a lie — or a “semi-lie,” as he preferred to put it.Earlier this week, the king of the now-defunct revenge-porn site “Is Anyone Up?” announced that he would be returning with a new site,, featuring his tried-and-true formula of jilted lovers sending in naked photos of their exes, along with links to their social media profiles and Moore’s unique brand of body-snarking. Only, in an interview with the New York Observer’s Beta Beat, he claimed that he was also going to introduce a mapping feature “so you can stalk people.” That inspired a flurry of media attention: Moore was back, and more villainous than ever! There was a barely concealed puritanical glee in even the disapproving chatter about this brave new world of punishment-porn, and a gruesome awe at just how far he was willing to take this Web-smut version of the “Saw” franchise.Continue Reading…

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Hunter Moore: I lied!

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