Insane office escape: Russian rock video sensation explodes online

bcc9screen shot 2013 03 22 at 10.16.17 pm Insane office escape: Russian rock video sensation explodes online

If Quentin Tarentino decided to direct the latest James Bondinstallment in the style of Prodigy’s Smack My B***tch Up, BitingElbows Bad Motherf***er (Insane Office Escape 2) just might be whatyou’d get. Set that to an abrasive punk jam blasting over andOffice Space inspired massacre and you’ve guaranteed yourself aplace in viral video Valhalla.The 4:57 frenetic first-person punk rock romp into stylizedviolence comes courtesy of the band’s front man Ilya Naishuller,29, who put a year of blood, sweat and tears into making a videoyou won’t soon forget.Shooting for ‘Bad Motherf***er’ wrapped up on October 19th, andNaishuller promised potential extras prepared to come along for theride “a truly epic video” was in the works.The Internet has certainly agreed with him. The ultimateconnoisseur of all things badass Samuel L. Jackson retweeted thevideo, effusively praising: “This is some Buck Wild s**t! This coming from a BMF!”Academy award winning filmmaking Darren Aronofsky was morelaconic in his praise, tweeting“so well done.” West Coast rapper and producer Flying Lotus, as well as themulti-platinum British band Placebo have also retweeted thevideo.The video is actually a sequel for a another song released bythe group in 2011 entitled The Stampede (Insane Office Escape)which has to date managed over 3 million views on YouTube.While working on ‘Bad Motherf***er’, “Naishuller promised“there will be more and more women and guns.” He deliveredon his promise, and the netizens have shown their approval in mass.Enjoy the ride.

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Insane office escape: Russian rock video sensation explodes online

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