Inside the “Peepal Conclave”

d673smoke small Inside the “Peepal Conclave”

d673smoke small 600x400 Inside the “Peepal Conclave”

The Papal Conclave starts tomorrow, with 115 cardinals flocking to the Sistine Chapel.  Faithful readers of the Monkey Cage are familiar with political science treatments of Papal elections: here, here, here and here.  Now, just in time for balloting in both the Sistine Chapel and the Washington Post Peeps Contest, you might enjoy this Binder-Maltzman (not Forrest) Peeps edition of the Papal Conclave, aka the Peepal Conclave.  (Warning: This birds-eye view is still under peep/peer review.)Continue Reading…

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Inside the “Peepal Conclave”

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