Instagram Still Promotes Eating Disorders, British Charity ‘Beat’ Says

Although Instagram has taken some steps to ban hashtags and images that celebrate eating disorders, one charity is still concerned that the photo-sharing app, which boasts more than 80 million users, is still fertile ground for encouraging dangerous food restrictions. Back in April, Instagram made it impossible to search for such hashtags as “thinspo” and “anorexia,” which Instagrammers pair with images of emaciated bodies. It also came out against sharing images that glorify self-harm and emaciation. While going to such lengths helped remove more than 30,000 graphic pictures, according to the company, The Telegraph reports Beat –- a British nonprofit that helps people struggling with eating disorders –- is still concerned about the ease with which users can still post, search and access photos that promote starvation and impossible body standards.Read More…
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Instagram Still Promotes Eating Disorders, British Charity ‘Beat’ Says

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