Iran claims to have captured US drone

Another dispute has arisen between Iran an the U.S. over a done. Last month Iran shot at but missed a U.S. unmanned aircraft, which Tehran claims was flying in Iranian airspace, while the U.S. insists that the drone was in international territory. On Tuesday, Tehran claimed via state media to have captured a U.S. drone flying over the country’s airspace. And once again, the U.S. line is different: a spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces said no drone had gone missing in the region.Although neither the American nor the Iranian side of the story can be verified, the A.P. reported that Al-Alam, Iran’s state Arabic-language channel, showed two Revolutionary Guard commanders examining what appeared to be an intact Scan Eagle drone:In the footage, the two men then point to a huge map of the Persian Gulf in the background, showing the drone’s alleged path of entry into Iranian airspace. “We shall trample on the U.S.,” was printed over the map, next to the Guard’s coat-of-arms. If true, the seizure of the drone would be the third reported incident involving Iran and U.S. drones in the past two years.Continue Reading…

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Iran claims to have captured US drone

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