Iran “Red Line” campaign goes viral

ab40TheAmericanIndependent Iran “Red Line” campaign goes viral

A viral video calling on world leaders to “set the red line” to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon has garnered over 1.3 million YouTube views thanks to a savvy social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter. It’s been promoted by conservative bloggers and Washington-based organizations like the Republican Jewish Coalition and The Israel Project. But the 15-minute-long film is leading some experts to question the filmmaker’s message.The video is part of an “independent, not-for-profit project designed to harness the global voice of humanity for the purpose of a peaceful solution to prevent a nuclear Iran,” say the film’s two principals, Banafsheh Zand and Shraga Simmons, on their website,, who narrates the film, was born in Iran and fled the country during the Iranian revolution in 1979.Continue Reading…

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Iran “Red Line” campaign goes viral

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