Iranians (and Americans) Use Bitcoin to Fight Government Control

Thanks to U.S. sanctions, dollars are scarce in Iran. Enter
Bitcoin, the handy-dandy stateless peer-to-peer crypto currency!
Iranians are using the hard-to-trace digital currency (which can be
exchanged for dollars) to buy things they want or need abroad. And

Americans are using bitcoins to evade sanctions: ;

At online store, shoppers can use bitcoins to buy
Beyond Matter, the latest album from Iranian artist Mohammad
Rafigh. Anyone in the U.S. downloading songs, which fetch .039
bitcoins or 45¢ each, risks violating U.S. sanctions. That doesn’t
bother Rafigh, who’s studying computer engineering as well as
playing music. “Bitcoin is so interesting for me,” Rafigh wrote in
an e-mail. “I wish the culture of using digital money spreads all
over the world, because it does not have any dependency on anything
like politics.” Rafigh has translated some bitcoin software into
Farsi for his friends. “I love Iran, and if bitcoin is good for me,
it can be good for more Iranians like me.”

Here’s Reason TV on
Bitcoin and the end of state-controlled money:

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Iranians (and Americans) Use Bitcoin to Fight Government Control

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