Is the White House a boys’ club?

Political expediency can make a sudden feminist out of anyone, apparently. There was former Romney advisor Dan Senor on Twitter last week, expressing his distaste for potential Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel: “Isn’t it strange that the President dropped Rice but is dug in over #Hagel? Especially when he can nominate the highly qualified #Flournoy?”Senor’s main implication was that Barack Obama was suddenly showing his true anti-Israel cards by having “dug in” on someone he hasn’t even nominated yet. The secondary suggestion, what with the mention of “highly qualified” along with the fact that both Susan Rice and former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michèle Flournoy are female, seemed to be trying to beat Obama with a stick his campaign successfully wielded against Romney’s: Diversity.Continue Reading…

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Is the White House a boys’ club?

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