Jewelry thief hit in Södertälje shoot-out

One robber has been shot after he and three others exchanged fire with police in Sdertlje, one hour south of Stockholm, after trying to rob a jewelry store in a shopping mall.Stockholm cop run down by car thief (4 Jan 13)
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“We know that one of the robbers has been shot,” Albin Nverberg at Sdertlje police told the Aftonbladet newspaper. The local newspaper Lnstidningen (LT) reports that several shots were fired. Police confirm that they engaged in a shoot-out with four masked robbers. “We were first told that three of them had gone into the store while a fourth stayed in the vehicle,” said Sven-Erik Olsson, spokesman at Stockholm County police headquarters “One of the robbers is lying on the ground. His status is unclear.” TT/The Local/Follow The Local on Twitter

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Jewelry thief hit in Södertälje shoot-out

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