Joey Lawrence Reveals ‘Whoa!’ Catchphrase Origins (VIDEO)

Joey Lawrence revealed the origins behind “Whoa!,” his popular “Blossom” catchphrase, during a recent appearance on HuffPost Live.”That word was great,” Lawrence said. “It’s so weird that word has transcended 20 years.” Lawrence said he first uttered “whoa” as a joke. “I can only imagine what that word would have been had social media been what it is today. It took off in the course of one night once it hit the airwaves, but with social media, it probably would have been twice as fast.”According to Lawrence, “whoa” was written in the script like a surfer dude would say it — think Keanu Reeves — but it wasn’t getting any laughs.Read More…
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Joey Lawrence Reveals ‘Whoa!’ Catchphrase Origins (VIDEO)

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