Julie Brown says Earth Girls are still easy

Nearly 24 years ago, a romantic musical comedy about a trio of space aliens who crash land in Southern California opened, boasting a real-life Hollywood golden couple, a Nile Rogers score, a director who’d helmed “The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle,” an almost too-good-to-be-true supporting cast that included Michael McKean, Damon Wayans and Jim Carrey, and a bevy of over-the-top musical numbers. It was also adorably silly, utterly unique and full of surprising heart. Yet in a year when cinematic romance was defined by “When Harry Met Sally,” a candy-colored pastiche about a lovestruck manicurist and an unlikely, furry Mr. Right never found its footing at the box office.Over time, “Earth Girls Are Easy,” has developed a cult status as one of the most beloved — and the most 1980s-esque — movies to come out of the eighties, a big-haired, B-52’s soundtrack-infused film that to this day is what we talk about when we talk about ERMAHGERD.Continue Reading…

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Julie Brown says Earth Girls are still easy

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