Kerry Ready to ‘Move On’ from Benghazi

107aKerry Kerry Ready to Move On from Benghazi

Republicans lawmakers aren’t
ready to let go of the Obama Administration’s misleading
description of the deadly Benghazi, Libya, consulate attacks as a
spontaneous consequence of a stupid anti-Muslim YouTube video. This
is making Secretary of State John Kerry just a wee bit testy. Via


Secretary of State John Kerry had a message for lawmakers he
suggested were harping on the Obama administration’s response to
the September 11 raid on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi:
let’s move on.
“Let’s get this done with, folks,” Kerry told the House Foreign
Affairs Committee in his first appearance before Congress since
taking office. “”I do not want to spend the next year coming up
here talking about Benghazi.”
Seven months after the attack, which killed Ambassador Chris
Stevens and three other Americans, Kerry faced sharp questions from
Republican lawmakers over security at the Benghazi facility leading
up to the attack and in the immediate aftermath.

Not only are lawmakers wondering why there’s still little
explanation as to why the Administration took the embarrassing
initial positions it did over the attack, there’s still very little
news about bringing the perpetrators to justice.
The Washington Post notes:

The FBI, which is investigating the attack, has reported no
progress. But Kerry said without elaboration that investigators
“have identified people, and they’re building a case.” He said that
the State Department had taken action on all 24 recommendations by
a department-named board that independently reviewed the Benghazi

Fox News reported that Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa,
chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is
trying to get clearance to find a way for potential government
“whistleblowers” to share classified information with Congress to
help with the investigation.

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Kerry Ready to ‘Move On’ from Benghazi

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