Kim Dotcom loses court battle in US extradition case

The court ruled that such an expansive disclosure of evidencewould slow down the legal process, and that a summary of the UScase would suffice for Dotcom. The court also stated that thepurpose of the hearing is not to determine guilt or innocence, butfor the US to show that it has a valid case against Dotcom.“Even though courts play a vital part in the process,extradition is very much a government to government process,”the court ruled. “It is for the requesting state to decide whatinformation it wishes to put before the requested state in supportof its request.”Dotcom’s lawyer William Akel questioned the ruling: “How canyou determine whether or not there has been compliance with candorand good faith if you don’t know what documents are being relied onto support the case?” Reuters quoted Akel as saying on RadioNew Zealand.Another attorney on the case, Paul Davison, said they planto appeal the ruling to New Zealand’s Supreme Court, which willthen decide whether it will take up the case. Dotcom needs accessto the evidence to prove that the US has no real case, Davisonexplained.Dotcom confirmed the intention to appeal on his twitteraccount.Previously the lower courts had ruled twice in favor of Dotcom’saccess to all material the US was basing its case on.The extradition hearing has not yet started, as theinvestigation is still ongoing. The hearing has already beenpostponed from March to August, and could face more delays ifDotcom is granted his appeal.Dotcom, who made a fortune from his file-sharing serviceMegaupload, was arrested by New Zealand policeafter over 70 uniformed officers raided his home in January of lastyear in cooperation with a federal investigation launched by the USDepartment of Justice. Dotcom is wanted in the US on criminalcharges for facilitating copyright fraud on a massive scale.He has maintained his innocence, saying his site simply providedstorage for content and he cannot be held responsible for those whoused the service to illegally download songs or movies. Dotcom hasalso claimed he is the victim of a smear campaign.“What I have learned since being dragged into this case is alot about privacy abuses, about the government spying onpeople,” Dotcom said in an interview with RT. “They are not spying onindividuals based on a warrant anymore. They just spy on everybodypermanently all the time.”Dotcom is currently free on bail; in January, on the anniversaryof his arrest, he launched a new file-sharing site dubbed ‘Mega.’Mega allows users to upload large files to be shared online. Themain difference from Megaupload is that Mega relies on extensiveencryption to protect customers’ privacy.


Kim Dotcom loses court battle in US extradition case

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