Koch Brothers consider purchasing LA Times

According to “multiple sources” who spoke with L.A. Weekly, the conservative billionaire Koch Brothers are considering buying the Tribune Company, which owns the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Trubine, and the Baltimore Sun, among other publications:Now, these are unverified rumors that should be taken with a grain of salt if not a whole dollop. The Tribune Co. won’t comment on any specific offers they’ve received, although a source there says, “We’ve gotten a ton of interest. That was one of the reasons for hiring the outside financial advisors, to sift through the unsolicited interest.” [...] Another rumor, passed along by a member of the L.A. Times Editorial Board, no less, has the Koch Brothers helping to finance a bid by “Papa Doug” Manchester, himself a right-wing multimillionaire who in 2009 bought the San Diego Union Tribune and promptly turned it into a propaganda organ for San Diego development.Like many newspaper companies, Tribune Co. has faced hard times in recent years, complicated by the difficult rein of Sam Zell, who took the company into bankruptcy. Continue Reading…

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Koch Brothers consider purchasing LA Times

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