Korea talks collapse

cad8mf Korea talks collapse

cad8mf Korea talks collapse



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Proposed talks between North and South Korea have collapsed.

News that the high level meetings had been aborted sparked protests in the South’s capital – Seoul.

The talks were de-railed as the sides could not come to an agreement on representatives for the negotiations.

South Korea had hoped the North would send senior party members, close to leader Kim Jong-un. Instead they had intended to send a relatively unknown bureaucrat, which Seoul took as an indication that Pyongyang was not serious about the meeting.

Previous attempts at contact between the sides have been derailed by small details.

South Korea has said it remains open for dialogue when the North is ready.

The talks had been aimed at reopening an industrial zone the North closed earlier this year amid threats of war.

The Kaesong zone generated the equivalent of around 67 million euros a year in wages for the more than 50,000 North Koreans who worked there.

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Korea talks collapse

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