Korean armistice still valid, cannot be scrapped ‘unilaterally’ – UN

76a5north korea Korean armistice still valid, cannot be scrapped ‘unilaterally’  – UN

“Let me just stress here that the armistice agreement isstill valid and still in force,” UN spokesman Martin Nesirkysaid Monday. “The terms of the armistice agreement do not alloweither side, unilaterally, to free themselves from it.”Earlier North Korean state media announced that the decades-oldceasefire was “completely invalid,” and that the country hadcut its communications hotline with the south, an action laterconfirmed by South Korea’s Unification Ministry.UN leader Ban Ki-moon believes that the 60-year-old armisticeremains a “critical” document, said Nesirky.Ban is calling on Pyongyang  “to continue to respect theterms of the armistice agreement as it was approved by the GeneralAssembly,” the spokesman added.The decision by the North to scrap the accord comes inretaliation to the joint South Korean-United States military drillsthat kicked off on Monday.  The start of the two-week “Key Resolve” maneuvers follows a weekof rising tensions in the peninsula, with North Korean threats of anuclear showdown following UN sanctions adopted after its thirdatomic test in February.

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Korean armistice still valid, cannot be scrapped ‘unilaterally’ – UN

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