Laura Dern: “We shouldn’t be able to watch CNN and then go to sleep”

HBO’s “Enlightened” is not quite like anything else on television: Moody and lyrical, ostensibly comedic, it focuses on the trials and tribulations of Amy Jellicoe, played by Laura Dern, a former addict and rage queen who is actively, painstakingly, not only trying to get her life back in order, but change the world. In the new season, which begins Jan. 13, Amy attempts to take down her corporate overlords at Abaddon, a move so brazen and crazy, it just might work. “Enlightened” is Dern’s first television show —  her movie credits from David Lynch through “The Master” are too numerous to mention. We spoke just after the Sandy Hook shooting, and during our conversation, she revealed a deep level of empathy she feels for her character’s rage, innocence and desire to change the world.”Enlightened” has such a unique tone in that it’s both very bleak about how hard it is to be a human, but also extremely positive about our ability to change things. This season Amy Jellicoe, intense and naive as she is, makes a difference. Her naiveté makes her try things that someone who knew more than her would think it was ridiculous to attempt. Continue Reading…

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Laura Dern: “We shouldn’t be able to watch CNN and then go to sleep”

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