Male Menopause: Is It Ruining Your Marriage?

A few months ago, a 72-year-old judge walked into Dr. Damon Raskin’s Pacific Palisades California internal medicine office with a problem he could barely articulate. The judge, well-known in his community, was fatigued all the time and had lost his passion for life. With a simple blood test, Raskin was able to figure out something else the man had lost: testosterone. Low testosterone levels were zapping the judge’s zest for living, diminishing his sex drive, reducing the results of gym workouts and even causing him to lose the sharp focus he held for his life’s work. But he was one of the lucky ones. He knew things didn’t have to be this way just because he was 72 and he sought help.After using a testosterone gel for two weeks, the judge called Raskin and reported he had renewed intimate relations with his wife of 40-plus years, was feeling more like his old self and had basically found his mojo. Huff/Post50 caught up with Raskin, an expert on the subject, to talk about the problem that is popularly known as male menopause. Raskin is the supervising doctor for Ageless Men’s Health, a nationwide facility dealing with men’s health and anti-aging issues.Read More…
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Male Menopause: Is It Ruining Your Marriage?

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