Mamet’s deranged gun defense

15a1mf Mamet’s deranged gun defense

The very first two words of famed playwright David Mamet’s Newsweek over story about guns are “Karl Marx.” It continues thusly for another 928 words without any mention of firearms before he finally comes to the point of the essay about 14 paragraphs in. Michael Tomasky, writing for the same Newsweek-Daily Beast as Mamet, has already done a good job dispatching with Mamet’s critical misunderstanding of Marx, so we’ll skip right to the part that’s actually about guns.

Mamet, the erstwhile liberal who saw the light and converted to the right a few years ago, is without a doubt a seminal writer of plays and films. But this essay, which lays out a pretty conventional case against gun control, crumbles on its shaky factual grounds.

There’s a lot wrong here, so let’s go one at a time. First, Mamet cites a familiar, though long-questioned statistic about gun defenses:

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Mamet’s deranged gun defense

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