‘Manning testimony recording could be a direct leak from the government’

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RT: The media reported what Manning said during thehearing, why is it so significant to actually hear him say it inhis own voice?Clark Stoeckley:  I think it is very important forpeople to hear Manning’s own voice. So far everything has beenprocessed through journalists and finally we get to hear his toneand the conviction in his voice. We can hear that he is a verybrave, intelligent young man. And I think this is a very greatthing that this has been released to the world.  RT: Is it going to effect the trial in any way, becauseit was not supposed to be leaked, is it?CS: Correct. The court rules say, and every time I go as ajournalist, I have to sign a peace of paper that says that I won’tto any recording. I will clarify: I definitely did not record this.I did not leak it. I’m sure that they are going to be clamping downon us.But I am suspicious as to whether they leaked this audio ornot.  The audio to me sounds like it came from the courtroomrather than press room. There is a lot more chatter in thepressroom and I do not hear that in the audio. And it is also a lotcrisper and clearer than what I heard in the pressroom. It soundslike it could be a direct recording from the government.RT: What is the reason for the trial to be held intotal secrecy? Surely it would be better for openness and trust tohear what is going on when it is going on?CS: I believe that is the fact. In fact this morning Istarted a petition on the whitehouse.gov website to petition theObama administration to allow CSPAN to televise the trial. I knowthat, it is probably not likely but I think it would be symbolic ofthe fact that Americans want to see what is going on.This is the largest leak case in US history and whether youropinion of Manning as a traitor or a hero it is still of greatpublic interest and relevance.I believe, it should be available for lawyers, law students,scholars, historians and the general public, especially those whocan’t make it to Fort Mead, Maryland.RT: Manning said the main reason behind the leaks isto in some way bring change to US foreign policy. Will he succeedin the end of the day?CS: I do not know if he will succeed in that but hedefinitely has succeeded in starting a conversation and a worldwidedebate. And so yes, he has succeeded in that. I do not know if ourgovernment is open for change and think there is an old guard thatkeeps the things the old way, but what is ironic here is thatManning has just been nominated for his third Noble Peace Prizemeanwhile he is being charged with aiding the enemy. That does notlook good for the Obama administration or our military or ourgovernment in any way.RT: But leaking military information can jeopardizepeople’s safety, can’t it?CS: It certainly could but we have not seen any evidenceof that in this trial. There has been no evidence whatsoever of anykind of harm done, just simple embarrassment.  And I believethat is why Bradley, without any type of provocation, he spoke fromthe heart, he spoke truthfully. He made it very obvious that he isa truth teller and he is not beating around the bush and heexplained why he did this, which really removed the necessity bythe prosecution to place him doing the actual crime himself. So hehas taken full responsibility for that.What is now the focus is his motivation and he obviously was notmotivated to aid the enemy, or to harm the US – he made that veryclear. He chose cables and videos that had no national securityconcerns and he released them so we could have this conversation.And I think it is a disgrace every day that he is in jail. It is adisgrace to our military. It is a disgrace to the promises thatObama made in 2008.

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‘Manning testimony recording could be a direct leak from the government’

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