Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan care about poor people now

Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan are “reinventing” themselves, along with the rest of their sorry party. They care about poor people now, everyone! So stop saying they don’t. They’re giving speeches and everything!The Atlantic’s headline is, “Are Republicans Getting Serious About Income Inequality?” As always, one is correct to silently add a “no” to the question posed in the headline. The Atlantic’s David Graham is at least investigating the question rather than simply accepting the supposed Republican rebranding as important and genuine, as Politico does. (The Politico piece is written by, you guessed it, Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen.)At a dinner benefiting a foundation named for regressive taxation policy pioneer Jack Kemp, Rubio and Ryan both repeatedly paraphrased the lyrics to “We Take Care of Our Own” by Bruce Springsteen in order to prove that Republicans do not explicitly support the feeding of the lumpenproletariat directly to wolves.Continue Reading…

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Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan care about poor people now

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