Marshall Fine: Movie review: The Baytown Outlaws

It’s hard at first to decide how seriously to take The Baytown Outlaws – until you realize that the people making it certainly weren’t. If they aren’t, why start?If you can relax into the dirtball ethos of Barry Battles’ film, you can enjoy it for what it is: a hare-brained car-chase-action thriller, with enough graphic violence for a spaghetti western. It has the soul of 1970s drive-in hot-rod movies, mashed up with a little Dukes of Hazzard, a little Warriors, a little Road Warrior. Oh yeah – and it’s got Billy Bob Thornton, who was born to play the redneck sleazeball crimelord he does here.I kept wanting to dismiss The Baytown Outlaws and it kept yanking me back into it. Again, I emphasize that it has no interest in being a great film, just an entertaining one with a grindhouse ethos.Read More…
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Marshall Fine: Movie review: The Baytown Outlaws

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