Marvel and the X-Men take on DOMA

d94bmf Marvel and the X Men take on DOMA

Comic books are kind of killin’ it with the social commentary lately. Last week, DC announced a will-they-won’t-they gay marriage subplot for Batwoman and longtime love Maggie Sawyer. Now, Marvel is taking on the Defense of Marriage Act and its impact on bi-national gay couples.What timing! Just last week, the Obama Administration formally urged the Supreme Court to strike down DOMA, arguing it “violates the fundamental constitutional guarantee of equal protection.” And on Thursday, 15 states announced their intent to file a friend-of-the-court brief stating that the law preventing the federal government from recognizing gay marriage is unconstitutional. With oral arguments set to begin next month, momentum is building and people are buzzing about a possible end to the discriminatory law.Continue Reading…

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Marvel and the X-Men take on DOMA

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