Media Fatigue is No Excuse to Ignore the War

During the presidential campaign, the war in Afghanistan was
relegated to a mere footnote. And even in the wake of the election,
the war seems to remain far off the American public’s
radar. ;
Reason’s ;Anthony
Randazzo ;recently sat down with New York-based
nonprofit ;92nd
Street Y ;to discuss this troubling reality, and why the
2014 withdrawal deadline “doesn’t really end American foreign
policy of trying to nation build around the world.”
Approx 2 minutes
For more, see and Reason 24/7’s coverage of the
war in
Also see Randazzo’s
video discussing the future of the libertarian movement with
the 92nd Street Y and ;Damon
Root’s video ;discussing libertarian views of the
Constitution ;for the 92Y’s “Campaign for the American
Conversation” from July.

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Media Fatigue is No Excuse to Ignore the War

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