Meet the man trolling America’s liberal elite

The New York Times has described Michael Goldfarb, the 32-year-old founder of conservative site Washington Free Beacon as an “all-around anti-liberal provocateur,”a “hawkish magnet of liberal scorn”  who is “known as a flamethrower on both sides of the aisle;” a man who revels in this reputation so much that he identifies himself as a cudgel. The most recent controversy that Goldfarb’s stirred up? Digging up a report of questionable merit that eventually led to the Senate Republicans filibustering the defense secretary nomination of former Sen. Chuck Hagel.

As the Times explains, Goldfarb has made a career out of controversy:

“Often working with money from major Republican donors, most of whom have preferred anonymity, Mr. Goldfarb has been in the middle of nearly every major partisan dispute of Mr. Obama’s presidency — over Iran, Israel, terrorism policy and now Mr. Hagel and guns. For a time, Mr. Goldfarb worked as a communications strategist to the leading bêtes noires of liberals, the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.”

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Meet the man trolling America’s liberal elite

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