Messi immortalised in Spanish language

4129lionel messi Messi immortalised in Spanish language

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Lionel Messi (Reuters/Leo Sellen/Scanpix)He has certainly put his name in the history of football, now has made it into the Spanish language as well. The Barcelona star Lionel Mess
i’s name has been added to the dictionary.”);
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The latest edition of the Santillana dictionary is boasting a new word ‘inmessionante’. It is an adjective which is defined as:1.) The perfect way to play football, an unlimited ability to self-improve.2.) Describes the best player of all time.The Argentinean is really quite inmessionante when it comes down to scoring goals and winning matches as he is a four times Ballon d’Or winner.However, Messi is not the first player to have his name immortalised in a language. His former Barcelona teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic, now plying his trade at French PSG, was included in a Swedish dictionary last year as a new verb ‘zlatanera’ meaning ‘to dominate’.Elsewhere, the Russian international Kerzhakov has become something of a linguistic nightmare. His wastefulness at Euro 2012 resulted in the appearance of a brand-new English verb ‘to kerzhakov’ – which means to shoot off goal, when it’s physically impossible not to score.Image from

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Messi immortalised in Spanish language

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