Mexico tanker blast kills several in ‘huge fireball’

bbcbmf Mexico tanker blast kills several in huge fireball

bbcbmf Mexico tanker blast kills several in huge fireball



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At least 20 people have been killed and three dozen injured after a gas tanker blew up in a suburb of Mexico City.

The explosion caused a huge fireball which tore through other cars on the road and nearby houses, leaving a scene that local media described as being like a “war zone”. One resident described “a ball of fire which exploded as though they’d put a spotlight in the whole window.”

Daylight revealed the extent of the destruction following the accident which happened in the early morning.

Some of the victims had been asleep in their homes at the time.

It is thought the tanker crashed into another vehicle on the highway between Mexico City and Pachuca. The driver was injured and taken to hospital, where he’s being held under arrest.

The town of Ecatepec north-east of the capital is highly populated, the main road lined with homes in a poor area.

According to Mexican radio, a family of four including two children were among the dead.

The country has witnessed two other major accidents linked to petrol or gas explosions in the past year.

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Mexico tanker blast kills several in ‘huge fireball’

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