MSNBC’s Post-Election Ratings Should Make Fox News Nervous

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The two biggest shows at MSNBC won the Holy Grail of ratings demographics for four of the first five weeks after Obama's reelection — and Fox News doesn't appear to have a plan to stop them.

President of MSNBC Phil Griffin, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O' Donnell. (Getty Images)

The cable-news ratings battle between Fox News and MSNBC has been getting very interesting since Barack Obama’s reelection in November.

MSNBC's back-to-back primetime opinion shows,“The Rachel Maddow Show” and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” topped both Fox News and CNN for the coveted 25-54 demographic during the week of December 3rd. That gives Phil Griffin's network the #1 ranking in the demo for four of the first five weeks since the Presidential election. Adding to the impressive numbers is the fact that the MSNBC shows outperformed their Fox counterparts despite having guest hosts fill in for Maddow December 5th through the 7th.

Fox News still dominates prime time, thanks mostly to the ratings behemoth that is Bill O'Reilly, but there the cracks are showing there, too.

Roger Ailes' juggernaut can't go on pretending like MSNBC isn't a real threat to their standing as “number one in cable news.” Here's why:

After years rubbing their ratings dominance in the faces of their competitors, Fox News is showing signs of toning down the public bragging.

A url from 2009 touting a 7 year stranglehold on ratings was removed after BuzzFeed reported that the over-the-top announcement was still active.

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MSNBC’s Post-Election Ratings Should Make Fox News Nervous

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