My day at Westboro Baptist: “Yes, Jesus hates you”

4837mf My day at Westboro Baptist: “Yes, Jesus hates you”

The term Christian means radically different things to different people. There are social justice Christians, moral crusader Christians, Christians who believe in “Jesus-as-good-man-but-no-more,” and those who hold to a “Jesus-is-the-only-way” Christianity. But gradually over the last few decades, the word Christian has become associated with condemnation. Nearly all former Christians I interviewed cited judgmental behavior as one of the push factors that sent them running from the church. And no institution has been more associated with being extremist and anti-gay than Westboro Baptist Church.No congregation in the world spends as much time preaching against homosexuality as this small Topeka band of believers. No church is more disliked by homosexuals, their allies, and even other Christians who would never ordinarily align with the gay rights movement. At a protest against New York State’s legalization of gay marriage, I witnessed Maggie Gallagher, a pugnacious, Roman Catholic leader of the anti-gay-marriage lobby, scream at a group of Westboro members: “You blaspheme the name of Christ!”Continue Reading…

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My day at Westboro Baptist: “Yes, Jesus hates you”

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